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17 Ouija Board Horror Stories That'll Literally Scare.

The Devils Work: 10 Terrifying True Ouija Board Stories. Be careful what you do, the Ouija board works like a phone and anyone can answer your call. True stories of dark shadows, dread, predictions, and hauntings associated with Ouija boards. Be Careful of what you ask. You may not want the answer. 28/11/2017 · This is probably one of the best ouija board story I hav. Ouija boards are known to be "doorways" to another world. What happens when that door is stuck open?. 3 Of The Most HORRIFYING REAL Ouija Board Scary Stories/Experiences On The Internet Corpse Husband - Duration: 47:27. Corpse Husband 1,741,722 views.

14/02/2011 · I'm not a fan of ouija boards. I think you're inviting trouble, especially if you don't know how to control what is going on. Some of the stories out there are classic urban myths, though, so any of those kinds of ones I take with a grain of salt. Ouija board stories are among the scariest there are with many people being interested by the concept of Ouija boards for a long time, and there are some very frightening stories out there about when things have gone wrong. One of the things that puts a lot of people off using the tool is hearing these such stories. 26/09/2015 · I've been putting off paranormal videos for awhile on this channel so I wanted to give you paranormal lovers a long video Make sure you "like" the video if you enjoyed it, I really want to get this one out there: And leave any suggestions in the comments for future videos If you have any stories, art, or general nice things you. 14/10/2018 · Today I'm going to be reading some of YOUR scariest true ouija board stories. If you guys like true scary stories about ghosts, ouija boards and hauntings, you'll LOVE this video. Give it a thumbs up if you enjoyed and SUBSCRIBE!

01/12/2016 · 4 REAL Horrifying OUIJA BOARD And PARANORMAL Stories True Ghost Stories Scary True Storytime Corpse Husband. 3 Of The Most HORRIFYING REAL Ouija Board Scary Stories/Experiences On The Internet Corpse Husband - Duration:. 11/04/2017 · 7 strange and scary Ouija board stories. Others say the Ouija board is a harmless fortune-telling board game. Read these tales and decide for yourself! TAGS: latest. The Ouija board spawned The Exorcist. In the States in 1949, a 14-year-old boy tried to contact his dead aunt through the Ouija board. 30/10/2018 · In one of the more disturbing stories in this list, Bessie Gilmore contacted a demon as a child while playing with a Ouija board. She believed that the entity became attached to her family after her two sisters were paralyzed and killed. Years later, Bessie married and began living with her mother-in-law, Fay, who was a medium.

  1. 25/06/2016 · 17 Ouija Board Horror Stories That'll Literally Scare The Shit Out Of You. Messing with spirits isn’t a joke. We asked the BuzzFeed Community for their creepiest ouija board stories. Here are the spooky results. 1. It was pretty scary.
  2. Ouija Board Stories Ouija Board Stories Gone Wrong Ouija boards Scary Stories. 0; More From Thought Catalog. Zozo The Ouija Board Demon Who Will Ruin Your Life. 150 Short Two-Sentence Horror Stories To Freak You Out. Live Blog: I’m Spending The Night In Room 217 Of The Hotel ‘The Shining’ Is Based On.
  3. 26/05/2015 · 5 people's claims of what happened to them after using a Ouija board. I am not claiming that these stories are true or fake. I simply put them up for the entertainment and scare factor. For those that don't know, a Ouija board is a flat board.
  4. 26/10/2016 · Whether you believe in the powers of the Ouija board or not, it's hard not to feel spooked out when you hear about the supernatural happenings associated with the game. Ever since they were first sold by a Pittsburgh toy store back in 1891, Ouija boards have provided Americans with thrilling.

10 Scary Ouija Board Stories That Will Scare the.

Top 10 Scary Ouija Board Stories. November 14, 2018 MostAmazingTop10 Top 10 0. Share Tweet. Hello and welcome back to the Most Amazing channel on the internet I am your host Rebecca Felgate and today we are talking about the Top 10 Scary Ouija Board Stories. Perfect story. 100% true. About 15 years ago, My sister had some friends over one night. They were in the basement watching some scary movie. They had an Ouija board. They started cussing at it and calling it “shit” and “fucking fake”. It stopped responding so they began watching the movie again. True Ouija Board Horror Stories. If you have any knowledge of the occult — whether from actual experiences, reality TV “investigative” shows, or fictional horror films – then you have no doubt heard of the demon “Zozo.”. We are an online supplier of Ouija Boards in the UK and are in contact with many of our past customers through social media channels and email. To date, we can happily say, we haven’t come across any horror stories. I agree, the ouija board is a tool which allows spirits to connect with you energy and answer your questions. 04/10/2018 · Justin played with an Ouija board one day with several of his friends. They asked questions, but instead of the planchette moving to certain letters, it began to move in a strange pattern. “It went to all four corners of the board and made an X,” he tells Reader’s Digest, “then it just went.

  1. 02/06/2015 · The list of scary ouija board stories: Credit of each story goes to their respective Reddit user Get the boy Regnistel The wood chipper accident Deleted Reddit Account.
  2. Scary Ouija Board Stories. The following scary Ouija board stories have been contributed by staff members, friends, acquaintances, and anonymous sources. Some may be fictional or variations of stories that have been floating across the internet for years. Others may hold a grain of truth buried somewhere beneath the surface.

Funny ouija board stories and experiences from real life. 1. I asked the ouija board when I was going to get a girlfriend and it spelled out HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Read Ouija Board Warning from the story Real Ghost Stories by MadeupMadi Madi. with 100,061 reads. spirit, spiritual, wattpad. In 1977, I was 12 years old. M. 19 Crazy Ouija Board Stories That Will Completely Shock You. Whether you believe in the power of Ouija or not, these confessions are SCARY. Based on anonymous Whisper posts. 17/11/2008 · Wow your story was very scary! I used an ouija board that predicted my miscarriage would happen in 2007 before it happened! Also died a figure 8 ysed a bible on the board and a cross there and I wrote on the board God bless. Got in touch wioth a woman who drowned and someone named Seth.

20/10/2016 · Ouija boards have captivated people for decades because of the game’s claims to be in cahoots with the beyond. Though plenty of people have witnessed nothing but their friends moving the planchette around themselves, others say playing with an Ouija board is like playing with some seriously. Read The Ouija Board from the story Scary Stories by dontcallmebethany benny smith with 754 reads. notforkids, spooky, creepy. I had just gotten the Ouija B. Bad ouija board stories and scary ouija board stories can be the stuff of nightmares. But they can also be the stuff of folklore. Whenever ouija boards are discussed with certain sceptics, you always get one response: someone at the table is pushing the glass. Everyone is familiar with the Ouija board. Consisting of a board covered with numbers and letters, and a planchette with a clear window in the center, participants gather around the planchette and asks questions of “spirits,” who then spell out answers by mysteriously moving the planchette across the board. 29/05/2019 · Where ever if you believe in the after life, ghost or the paranormal. These terrifying True Ouija Board Stories will give you the absolute creeps. Sit back and enjoy tonight video.

5 people's claims of what happened to them after using a Ouija board. I am not claiming that these stories are true or fake. I simply put them up for the entertainment and scare factor. Wherever you go, we will never stop telling you: “The ouijà, it’s dangerous!”, so, not to dissuade you but to expose, we have chosen to make you discover 3 impressive testimonies. Testimony n°1 by “Latole” When I was 13, I met a 16-year-old girl who lived in the same village as me. We became friends.

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